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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi everyone this is Becky~  WOW what a week it has been.  This pain was no joke way more then I ever expected.  I'm learning how to walk and sit and lay in ways I never thought I would even have to think about. I am so ready for this pain to be OVER!!!!!!! I often am reminded that the pain is well worth what the other outcome could have been.  Please do your self exams. I remember coming out of surgery and just crying saying if I hadn't checked myself this battle would have been so different.  I am so thankful for my life Angel Angela my friend who brought those bracelets to the JR Shack that day.  Tears still come to my eyes when  I thing of how lucky I am to have her and her visit that day:))))
I am venturing over to Amy's to eat dinner tonight.  I cant wait to get out of the house:) 

I also cant wait to post pictures of how beautiful my bedroom and 2 upstairs baths look from my little makeovers.  I am still struggling with how to except what my wonderful friends have done for us they did the work paid for all the supplies and cleaned cleaned cleaned we did nothing We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  Being Blessed isn't even the word for it.  I know now is not the time but one day when we are all caught up financially we will be able to pay it forward and I cant wait for that day to come.  Love you all and thanks for checking in.  Becky

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  1. You already are paying it forward! You are the strongest, loving, caring person and for you to take on this battle just shows how much you care about us as women. You didn't shy away, you were always open and thankfully so. I can't tell you how proud I am to know you, to be a friend. You and your family are wonderful, blessed we are! Thank you for sharing your journey so other women may face any challenge with you as inspiration!