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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two weeks post op......

       No one could have prepared us for the suffering Becky would have to endure to cut the cancer from her body.  The 12 inch incision across her lower abdomen, the 4 inch incisions across each breast and the 6 drains which entered her body- 3 on each side.  It really has taken a toll on us all.   She is entering day15 since her surgery and is definately coming up from the pit.  

       We received the pathology report on day 14. Becky's breast surgeon is an amazing woman who took much time to make sure Becky understood every word of the pathology report.  The "true cancer tumor" (the cancer moved outside of the duct) was 3.2cm and out of the 28 lymph nodes they removed there was ONLY 1 with microscopic metastatic (was moving toward the lymph system) cell.  They also found a "pre-cancer mass -in situ"-( enclosed in another duct- same breast) 7cm x 1.5cm.  Her left breast and lymph nodes were completely cancer free. Then we heard the very beautiful words...."Becky you are now a cancer survivor"  we will see you in 6 months.
    The next step of this surreal journey is to visit the Medical Oncologist.  He will be laying out the plan for Becky's chemotherapy.  That appt is Tuesday 7/12/11.  We are getting closer to the areas that I am familiar with.  Before receiving certain chemo agents Becky will have to have an implanted port placed in her chest- so that the veins she has left won't be destroyed.  They can no longer use her right arm since removing the lymph nodes.

       So - how is Becky doing- she is deflated and tired of hurting.  She was really upset about the 7cm "pre-cancer" mass!!  During our ride home from Yale she made Amy  call to make that appt for a mammogram.
         But  Becky is still finding ways to help us through this crazy time... under her encouraging we all jumped in the car and drive to a close by parking lot to watch the amazing fireworks display last night.  There is nothing like a lot of booming, flashing, sparkling lights, and children smiles to brighten your spirit. We have laughed and cried a lot and are so thankful for every moment.
        Happy 4th of July to you all!!!!

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  1. I am truly happy and relieved to hear this news. I was prepared to hear much worse.