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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going Home!!

    Hi everyone this is Becky.  Just got news that I get to go home today I am so excited to get home and start my healing process.  I am as sore as sore gets but I know that this too shall pass!  My children are ready to have there mama home too.  As I attempted to walk yesterday  I did well ....well I did well as soon as I got back to to the room and the nurse delivered my drugs-- lol.  I know that the next year is going to be tough especially since they found the cancer in my lymph nodes.  I was hoping that they wouldn't find cancer  there because that would have skipped radiation... Oh well just something else I'll have to beat!   Well thank you all for for your prayers and support we will keep you posted.

This is Becky just took a nice long shower and we washed her hair- pure heaven!!!!  She is a little nervous about the drive home, climbing the stairs, being in pain, being nauseous......!!!!!
Dr Michelle very kindly talked to Becky about her feelings and the fact that even 2 days from now she will be unsure about everything, but in their assessment she is healing beautifully, she is breathing well without oxygen, she is walking- slowly but forward and all that considered she is healthy and needs to go home to stay healthy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time is a blur...

        It so hard to believe it really was three days ago that we started this adventure.   Becky has a lovely private room and Matt and I have been staying with her through these long days and nights.  Every day she has gotten stronger and become more active.  She still struggles with getting out of bed and shuffles when she walks but she is a trooper and keeps plugging along.
        All of her sutures lines are clean and dry- the 6 JP drains are still draining pink fluid and will be going home with us.  There are 2 lines implanted in her new chest which monitors the blood flow to both breast- so every 4 hours a Doppler is used to listen for the blood flow and it has continued to show excellent perfusion.  She is receiving antibiotics to prevent any infection from affecting her healing process.  Her pain is being controlled with percocet(pain) and valium(muscle spasm).  She has a few episodes of confusion but usually bounces back to reality. 
         The support and compasion we have been receiving is greatly appreciated and makes this season more than bearable.  We won't have the staging or treatment plan confirmed until we have the pathology report which will take 10 days.   Becky's immediate focus is just getting better and  getting home.   We look forward to getting back to Waterford on Wednesday.  
         Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement, Deb.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

As the sun sets on another day....

            Becky has been moved to a private room and is up in a chair.  She has walked to the bathroom and has managed to smile a few times today.  We are so thankful for the little steps.  Matt and I will be spending the night with Becky- she has one of the new suites with a sofa and recliner.
           Matt's mom and dad are here from Maine and have been helping to keep the children busy and happy.   Tonight is Izzi and Ava's big night going to the Taylor Swift concert in Mass with Amy and Laura-( birthday gift from Auntie Laura), Alex is at UCONN for a football camp, Blake is home with Poppy- so all is very good in the Fraser family. 
          Tomorrow is another day and we are expecting more miracles.  Good night to all, Deb

The Day after....

        I am so sorry about not connecting with you all yesterday.  All I can say is what a day it had been- what a rare mood I was in.........Matt and I sat for 12 hours watching other families come and go while waiting to hear how Becky was doing- our imaginations were a bit skewed.  We got word at 12 noon about the mastectomies then waited and waited and waited.  I am sure you all can identify!
    Becky is doing just fine....didn't I say that once before? 
     Let me go back to yesterday Friday 6/24/2011:  We checked into the Pre-Op area in Yale New Haven Hospital at 6:30am and after many professional visits and many questions Becky was on her way at 8:15am.  The first surgery - the mastectomies were completed by 12 noon and the MD told us that the left breast and lymph nodes were cancer free so the surgeon removed her left breast.  The sentinel node on the right cluster of lymph nodes had cancer cells so she removed the whole cluster with the right breast. 
        The second surgery was the long one of reconstruction- they used Becky's tummy fat to reconstruct new breasts.  The surgeon was finished by 7:15pm and we were able to see her at 8:15pm once she was settled in ICU.  She was alert and somewhat oriented.  It took awhile to get her pain under control but Matt and I were able to head home at 10pm.
        Today Saturday  we arrived at Becky's room in ICU at 8:30am to find her a bit flustered and having issues with being so drugged.  She knows she wants to be pain free but she feels as though she is in someone else's body.   She is thirsty and itchy- we will be changing her pain meds. 
       Later today she will be up in a chair, tubes removed and transferred to a private room on a Med-Surg floor.  If you would please continue praying for the swelling to go down, the pain to be under control and her emotional state.  The tears have started (due to the drugs) about what would have happened if she hadn't bought the bracelet or did her self examine- just 7 weeks ago.   She feels such a urgency to tell women not to wait , not to put off self examines, pay attention to your body!!

PS The power of prayer always amazes me- I was praying with her this morning during her teary moments and encouraging her to let herself feel her true emotions.  I prayed for an awareness of HIS presence, the washing away of the pain and the peace that goes beyond our understanding - she was able to relax and the fogginess inside her head is gone- (her words).  She is now sleeping and very relaxed.

More later, Deb

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a GRAND week this has been

          During this week there has been a whirlwind of activity in Becky's home- her very dear friends had planned a mini- extreme makeover for her home while she was in the hospital and chose to continue with the plans while Becky was still home.  What a joy to see all of her friends straightening, cleaning, organizing and redecorating while Becky tossed out unneeded clothing and items to be sent to Goodwill.  They also have chosen to redo a bathroom- literally replacing a sink and painting.  Her master bedroom will receive a fresh coat of paint and Matt is working on the master bathroom shower and sink.  It was a very cleansing experience and Becky and Matt were able to enjoy the results before The Big Day.  How precious friendship is!   As I watched the activity and listened to the laughter  I was struck by the pleasure the wonderful ladies felt as they were choosing to serve their friend in this very unselfish way.  I know many of you may be reading these words and thinking about your own friends (or lack of)- BUT may I encourage your to reach out to a friend or anyone and just give of yourself, your time, even a phone call.  Giving to others cures a ton of ills.

   Becky has been rescheduled for her surgery tomorrow June 24.  It is a very special day --Isabella will be 7 years old - hmmm interesting analogy I had about my daughter getting ready to give birth last Sunday.  So tonight we will celebrate Izzi's birthday and once again prepare for our full day at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Thank you all so much for the prayers, we know the doctors will be much healthier tomorrow.   Enjoy the day, Deb

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surgery to be reschduled.....

Dear All,
     We were up bright and early this morning (5:15am)- ready for the big day.  As we were waiting in the Pre-op unit it seemed like a long time for the doctors to come and talk to us.  Finally at 8:3am a crew of professionals arrived and informed us that the Plastic surgeon has been throwing up all night and unable to operate.      Saturday was a potential date for rescheduling- soooo- we wait patiently.   We are so thankful for your prayers and know that the Lord is watching over Becky so we will be waiting as new OR date is planned.  In HIS perfect time.  Love, Deb

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday- peace and quiet and open air!!!!!

On the seventh day- the Lord says the reading from the Old Testament this morning.
         Today we have just sat in the warmth of the day and laughed and cried as we prepare for tomorrow.  This weekend Becky has been planning and preparing for her days away.  The house is in order, the bags are packed and lists are made.  Being the Momma, I feel as though Becky has experienced that surge one gets before giving birth.  I have some sadness today as I know Becky's life will be very different after tomorrow.  I know she will be "just fine" as many have said, I know she will be "cancer free" by tomorrow night, I know that our Lord is in complete control , I know, I know, I know........I just want her well and whole and healed.  So tomorrow is THE DAY, I am a nurse and I KNOW TOO MUCH but I will let it go.  I will not allow fear to distract me from    trusting in the the joy and the peace that my family will receive during this season of Becky's incredible life journey.  Good night and God bless.  Love, Deb

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the beginning..........

         It has been strongly encouraged by many for us to start a communication so we can keep you all updated on "our" journey with breast cancer.   This is my first attempt at blogging- not sure what that word really means- kind of sounds like I can talk all I want and no one can interrupt.  I like that!

         Becky is doing just fine.  This last month has turned out to be the blessing that our Lord meant for it to be. Let me recap the events leading up to today:
          On April 27th Becky and family left our home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida after having spent a wonderful week playing, basking in the sun on the beach and just relaxing in sunny Florida.
            April 28th she bought a pink bracelet at  work for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Later that night she decided to check herself and found a lump in her right breast.  She has had multiple testing- ultrasounds, mammogram, MRI- found 2 more masses, biopsy and metastatic workup.  Her diagnosis is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- Becky's receptor status is ER-positive, PR- positive and HER2- negative.  Because the testing shows no metastasis this cancer is considered "curable".
        Becky is choosing to have both breasts removed due to her age and the increased "contra lateral" risk - cancer traveling to other breast in her life time- is 35-40%.  She has also chosen the DIEP flap procedure which involves a 10 hour day in surgery.   The first part of her surgery will involve the bilateral mastectomy- with  skin sparing procedure (the upper third of her chest will not have scarring- all cutting will be done below the breasts and along the sides) followed by transferring of tissue and vessels from her abdomen to reconstruct new breasts that will develop their own blood supply- a tummy tuck is the " bright side".  On the evening of Monday June 20th Becky will be cancer free.
         We are very much aware of the struggles and pain she will have to endure.  This surgery will be followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 5 years of oral anti-estrogen treatment.   Her stand is strong and her faith unshakable.  She has declared she will win this battle and embraces all your prayers.