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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots of pictures from the day of surgery to now!!!!! Hello could someone have remided me in my drugged stupper to put some makeup on (ERIN~DANA)?????

 Matt, Rachel, Laura, Erin and I enjoying the sun on the hospital deck!
We always have each others back . Lucky me its my turn!!!

                                                                    Keep going dont stop!!!!!!!!
                                              thats perfect really dont stop.... Matts thinking better her then me lol
                                                   My MHS girls giving me some loving!!!!
 Mom and Matt at the hospital garden!!! Day 4
 Matt Erin and I at the Hospital garden day 4
 Papa and Blake enjoying the view from the room this must have been day 2 because I dont even remember them being there lol!!!
 Nothing more loving then seeing a girls daddy trying to make EVERYTHING better!!
I LOVE this man!!!
 UGHHHHHHH The worse of the worse!!!!!

Man I love my mom but Nurse Deb always pushing me to the max.....I was way done with the walking and she made me keep going for WAY to long!!!!! and she looks so proud!!!! Love you mom!!
Me and my man.... by my side every step of the way  I think now that Im home Im way worse then I was while they were pumping those great drugs into my system!!!!  The other night I was having so much pain in my right upper arm while.  I was asleep that I blamed him for putting broken glass all over the bed. There is a reason this man stays with me lol!!!!!!

My friends painted my room and did a great make over:)))))
Brooke (Danas daughter) and Izzi playing in Izzis room with Zoe!!!

 This is the visiting spot ~ Dana Erin Cami Rae and my mom
My mother in laws friends stop by for a visit!
Matts sister Jenn and her husband Marten visit and hello once again anyone own makeup!!!! LOL

The girls
Dana's Brooke
My Izzi and
Erins Cami
Jill Johnsons sunshine basket I get to open one thing a day !!!
This was a big day of pain and erin MADE me get out of bed and my friend Toni stopped over


  1. I love the pictures and seeing your journey, you are amazing with a smile on your face!

  2. Becky,

    I recently just came across your message on FB and of course I had to read about what you have been going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You will beat this Becky!! God knows you have big shoulders, and you will get through this. Listen to your mom, as she knows what is good for you. It sounds like you have a good outlook on all of this, and your positive attitude will help you along the way. Thanks for blogging and sharing this awful disease that you are batteling with others. You will help many of other women in the world batteling this. I'm deeply saddened about hearing this. You are an amazing gal and you have a larger than life personality. I know you Becky, and I know you won't let this bring you down. P.S. your right, you like being in On the days you get chemo & or radiaiton, your body will feel drained and sick, but just remember that it is temporary, and it too will pass. Your hair will grow back too Becky, so don't worry. Who knows you might be a red head when it grows back. I remember the time you came into work with a short haircut. You weren't too sure of it, but I loved it. If I can be of help to you or your family, please write me on FB. I would be glad to help a friend out. This is the time you will need friends help, so take it!! Keep your chin up. I will be back to check in with the reports. Tell Nurse Debbie& your sisters I said hello.