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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hair is gone.... and I am very bald!!!!

     So the time has come bald it is!  Day 12 after my first chemo came and the hair started thinning and as the days went by I stopped touching it to keep it as long as possible 5 days later it was time.  Half my hair feel out and what a mess it made I kept saying sorry to my in laws as my hair was everywhere.  Then after I got out of the shower I brushed my hair very gently only to have the brush fill up with my hair in just one brush.  I had a reverse Mohawk  and it wasn't a keeper!! Matt the kids and I were up in Maine with the Matts family having a great family vacation.  I looked at my sister in law Steph and said today's the day can you shave my head?  Her eyes quickly filled up with tears because we all know I LOVED my long hair and this was the moment I was most dreading. She agreed that it was time and after the town parade was over I went to Alex and told him that it was time just to give him a heads up and he said mom your hair is fine its just thinning.  I told him that I had lost most of it in the shower as soon as I took off my head scarf he agreed it was time.   I went into the bathroom by myself took one last look at myself with my hair or a half head of hair and just cried and cried and cried then walked out of the bathroom and said ok I'm ready...............  I love my bald head way more then the 8 million strands that were falling out every second.  I held on as long as possible but I am fine with the out come.  I thought for half a second about not posting my pictures of the hair buzzing but thought its a big part of my journey and I want to share this journey all of it so here they are:)

                         Thank you steph I know how hard this was for you! Love you girl!!!
And my Izzi girl was ready to help!!!

                                          The clippers did all they could now its time for the razor

                                    The tears for a moment!!!! This was an awe shit I really have cancer!!!
         We invited the kids to come watch only if they wanted to and they were all glued to it    they all  look pretty shocked but not one of them could walk away from the moment it was sweet!
                         This is me thinking ok its Just hair Becky get over it...itll be back before I know it!
                                                                 Razor time!!!!
                                                Steph and Matt hard at work!

                                       Tori Stacy and Aunty Sharron all there for support
The finished product Ive never seen anything so white in my life lol!

Family Vacation

What a great trip as always to Maine.  The kids had a blast tubbing and jet sking all over the lake no better time then being out side together as a family lots of great memories were made.  I loved nothing more then seeing my kids smile and hearing them laugh all week.  I have a whole differnt outlook on the things that I once took for granted.  You never know whats next in your life so taking in the childrens laughter is one of may favorite things.  I am so thankful for my life...I know its not all a breeze walk at the moment but I am thankful that I have a great family and my health will be back.

                                      Now thats what Im talking about I love that smile

Friday, August 12, 2011

Becky's in Maine on Biscay Lake

From Mom:
       So you all may have been wondering "Where is Becky?".   She and her family are spending 10 days on the Lake in Bristol, Maine.  Amy and I were able to spend a wonderful 4 days with Becky, Matt and kids visiting with the Fraser Clan.  What a relaxing place!  Matt's parents have a small 2 bedroom cottage right on the lake and we enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets with loons calling, ducks looking for food and hummingbirds yelling at us for hanging around their feeding area.  The flowers are in bloom and the sun did shine often.  The children have been on the lake everyday rain or shine.  Either using the jet ski or tubing.
        Becky is feeling well these days.  She is starting to loose her beautiful hair- she needs to stop sending me text photos of the daily cluster on the shower floor- it is very sad.  After all she has been through these past few months- this hair loss is hitting us all the hardest- go figure!!!  I guess it's because even though her body has been redesigned and she is being injected with an "army" to kill any hiding cancer cells- she has managed to look the same.  I know even without her long brown thick locks she will still be beautiful.  I know this appearance change will signal another step in the Victory Walk my daughter is traveling.  She does look great in the scarfs- she is not so sure about a wig but time will tell.
          Her next chemo cycle (#2) starts Tuesday 8/16 and so we continue with this journey with our heads held high.  Throughout this season our Lord has been the most gracious and comforting.  Becky has rested in His arms every moment and knows His love and protection.  Thank you all for your continuing prayers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The New Hair!

I have been dreading this day since I heard the word CANCER!  I know its only hair but man it was a tough moment when I heard those scissors cutting the braid my eyes instantly filled up and the tears began.  Dana gave me a great cut and color I love it!  I am donating my hair so that another women or child will be able to enjoy it.  Thank you again Dana for making this step easier for me and making me look just like you lol you have waited your entire life to cut my longgggg hair.