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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Martina McBride - I'm Gonna Love You Through It

Martina McBride - I'm Gonna Love You Through It: Eleven


  1. I have been following your story and I am so inspired by you. Your courage and strength is making me feel so glad to just have met you for a brief time at the nail salon. You are such an inspiration to your family and friends. Keep up the positive attitude and know your angel is watching over you everyday. You are beautiful by the way with no hair, I this it is fabulous, never having to do your hair, that's a bonus.

  2. oh thank you so much. Im in better spirts I wrote this in the middle of what I call my chemo hole. I go back in on tuesday so its almost that time again!
    and I love not having to do my hair:)) total bonus!