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Friday, August 12, 2011

Becky's in Maine on Biscay Lake

From Mom:
       So you all may have been wondering "Where is Becky?".   She and her family are spending 10 days on the Lake in Bristol, Maine.  Amy and I were able to spend a wonderful 4 days with Becky, Matt and kids visiting with the Fraser Clan.  What a relaxing place!  Matt's parents have a small 2 bedroom cottage right on the lake and we enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets with loons calling, ducks looking for food and hummingbirds yelling at us for hanging around their feeding area.  The flowers are in bloom and the sun did shine often.  The children have been on the lake everyday rain or shine.  Either using the jet ski or tubing.
        Becky is feeling well these days.  She is starting to loose her beautiful hair- she needs to stop sending me text photos of the daily cluster on the shower floor- it is very sad.  After all she has been through these past few months- this hair loss is hitting us all the hardest- go figure!!!  I guess it's because even though her body has been redesigned and she is being injected with an "army" to kill any hiding cancer cells- she has managed to look the same.  I know even without her long brown thick locks she will still be beautiful.  I know this appearance change will signal another step in the Victory Walk my daughter is traveling.  She does look great in the scarfs- she is not so sure about a wig but time will tell.
          Her next chemo cycle (#2) starts Tuesday 8/16 and so we continue with this journey with our heads held high.  Throughout this season our Lord has been the most gracious and comforting.  Becky has rested in His arms every moment and knows His love and protection.  Thank you all for your continuing prayers.


  1. Beautifully written! Becky is beautiful on the inside and out and hair loss will not change that a bit!

    Melissa Chiappone

  2. Thanks for the update, Deb! Becky, enjoying the vision of your R&R "on golden pond-style"! You are so beautiful,continue to be an inspiration about how to handle such a difficult jouney. Your 2 beautiful golden locks of love braids will be adored by other patients, sooo giving Sweetie as I said before...and you will have your thick hair back in time, showing the latest headpiece fashions in the meantime! Sending you Love, hugs, prayers and joy of you overcoming each obstacle presented to you!

  3. God bless you and keep you in good spirits as you have been. I see where Becky get her strength and courage from! You and Becky are inspirational and so giving by sharing this journey, thank you! One person can make a difference-thank you!