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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tomorrow big day at the plastic Doctors!!!!

My Daddy and I He's my protector thats for sure!!!! Love you dad!

                                 My Mommy what more can I say..... she is my ROCK!!!!!

As I lay in my packed bed  (Matt and I , Izzi, Blake and of course Zoe)  They are all so careful of me and my barricade of pillow's so cute... Man I love my kids.  Alex is of course out and about with his buddies!  I think of what tomorrow will bring first off I cant WAIT to get these stupid drains out.  They are awful!!! I am also hoping that he can give us some idea of what stage of cancer I have.  I'm thinking those answers will be coming Friday from the breast doctor.  As I lay her in bed I think of all that I have to do and what times would be best for the chemo to start. lol really who is in control not me ( although everyone knows that I think I am hahaha) So many things that I still need my hair for crazy that Im even saying those words out load but Im blogging and I can say what ever I feel lol.  Laura and Rachel wedding is July  29th but then again Im sure I can rock a pretty hot Hat:)  totally off track  but a really cute story.  Izzi came to visit me in the hospital and they were there for about 20 min and izzi finally looked at me and said mom '' why do you still have hair?"  she really thought it would be gone as soon as the docs returned me.  so sweet!
I have been trying to get out of the house a little bit every day.  I hate nothing more then being in the house the entire day.  I shopped with Amy for 1 hour one day,  saved up all my energy to go to Trev and Tys bball games for 2 hours hung out at the pool the other night for a little nothing better then seeing the smile on kids faces.  So I am in no way over doing it but I am working on getting well as strong:)  More to follow as the appointments start pouring in. And thanks everyone for the visits foods notes cards and hugs I cant tell you how much everyone of them means to me I am one SUPER BLESSES WOMEN!!!!!!!

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