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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Off to Yale but first a stop for dinner with Matt and Marisa!!!!

I am off to Yale in the AM to have my port put in.  So prayers are welcome. I expect it to be a quick surgery about 1-2 hours in the OR and then of course recovery. I hope to make it home and feel well enough to go to Tylers bball game at 5pm!  A little crazy I know but I have to keep moving to get through this:))))  Chemo starts next Tuesday one week from today. 
We had a great night With Matt and Marisa dinner and the cousins got to have a great night of playing!  Thank you Matt and Marisa for dinner and watching the kids while we went to the plastic surg.  The kids talked the entire way home about getting together again soon.  We will see you in a few weeks for a pool date:)))))  Ill update on how the surgery went tomorrow.  Have a great night! 
Alex Lucas and Blake                                                      Blake Lucas Izzi and jordan
Lucas giving his big cousin the elbow!                                                                                                                                                             


  1. Best wishes And prayers are coming your way! I am glad you are getting out and staying busy, love, heather

  2. Okay, it's are you doing????

  3. starting to feel better!!! Every day is a new day and every day I pray for less and less pain!!!!!!