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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a GRAND week this has been

          During this week there has been a whirlwind of activity in Becky's home- her very dear friends had planned a mini- extreme makeover for her home while she was in the hospital and chose to continue with the plans while Becky was still home.  What a joy to see all of her friends straightening, cleaning, organizing and redecorating while Becky tossed out unneeded clothing and items to be sent to Goodwill.  They also have chosen to redo a bathroom- literally replacing a sink and painting.  Her master bedroom will receive a fresh coat of paint and Matt is working on the master bathroom shower and sink.  It was a very cleansing experience and Becky and Matt were able to enjoy the results before The Big Day.  How precious friendship is!   As I watched the activity and listened to the laughter  I was struck by the pleasure the wonderful ladies felt as they were choosing to serve their friend in this very unselfish way.  I know many of you may be reading these words and thinking about your own friends (or lack of)- BUT may I encourage your to reach out to a friend or anyone and just give of yourself, your time, even a phone call.  Giving to others cures a ton of ills.

   Becky has been rescheduled for her surgery tomorrow June 24.  It is a very special day --Isabella will be 7 years old - hmmm interesting analogy I had about my daughter getting ready to give birth last Sunday.  So tonight we will celebrate Izzi's birthday and once again prepare for our full day at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Thank you all so much for the prayers, we know the doctors will be much healthier tomorrow.   Enjoy the day, Deb


  1. Becky is such an easy person to love because she loves all of us so much. We are all better for having her in our lives. It is no surprise to me that her friends would feel compelled to bless her in this special way. As you all prepare once again to head to Yale tomorrow my heart and my prayers will follow.

  2. Your posts are bringing me to tears. I can't wait to hear how she pulls through this with all of the support of friends and family.

  3. Deb, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am so glad Becky has such a great support network. Love to you all, Heather