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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Day after....

        I am so sorry about not connecting with you all yesterday.  All I can say is what a day it had been- what a rare mood I was in.........Matt and I sat for 12 hours watching other families come and go while waiting to hear how Becky was doing- our imaginations were a bit skewed.  We got word at 12 noon about the mastectomies then waited and waited and waited.  I am sure you all can identify!
    Becky is doing just fine....didn't I say that once before? 
     Let me go back to yesterday Friday 6/24/2011:  We checked into the Pre-Op area in Yale New Haven Hospital at 6:30am and after many professional visits and many questions Becky was on her way at 8:15am.  The first surgery - the mastectomies were completed by 12 noon and the MD told us that the left breast and lymph nodes were cancer free so the surgeon removed her left breast.  The sentinel node on the right cluster of lymph nodes had cancer cells so she removed the whole cluster with the right breast. 
        The second surgery was the long one of reconstruction- they used Becky's tummy fat to reconstruct new breasts.  The surgeon was finished by 7:15pm and we were able to see her at 8:15pm once she was settled in ICU.  She was alert and somewhat oriented.  It took awhile to get her pain under control but Matt and I were able to head home at 10pm.
        Today Saturday  we arrived at Becky's room in ICU at 8:30am to find her a bit flustered and having issues with being so drugged.  She knows she wants to be pain free but she feels as though she is in someone else's body.   She is thirsty and itchy- we will be changing her pain meds. 
       Later today she will be up in a chair, tubes removed and transferred to a private room on a Med-Surg floor.  If you would please continue praying for the swelling to go down, the pain to be under control and her emotional state.  The tears have started (due to the drugs) about what would have happened if she hadn't bought the bracelet or did her self examine- just 7 weeks ago.   She feels such a urgency to tell women not to wait , not to put off self examines, pay attention to your body!!

PS The power of prayer always amazes me- I was praying with her this morning during her teary moments and encouraging her to let herself feel her true emotions.  I prayed for an awareness of HIS presence, the washing away of the pain and the peace that goes beyond our understanding - she was able to relax and the fogginess inside her head is gone- (her words).  She is now sleeping and very relaxed.

More later, Deb


  1. Thank you so much for updating everyone. I am sending many positive thoughts for Becky and your family. She is so strong!

  2. Thank you for your update. I saw Phil this am and he filled me in on your very long day yesterday. Becky was on my mind throughout the day and many prayers to her and your family. Stay strong! Love to Becky...xoxo
    Love Angela

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to update us all, I know how busy you all must be and just how hard the waiting game is. Isaiah and I are sending more and more positive thoughts and prayers for a noted improvement every day, hour and minute. Love and support to Becky and her whole family. Stay strong and focused!
    Sandee Griffith

  4. Thanks for the update! I am praying for her as I walk the Relay for life in her honor! Our warrior is amazing! <3

  5. I said a prayer for you, Becky...understanding what you are feeling and what you are going through,..Heart to Heart...woman to woman. I am so thankful for your mother. I know, you know...that not all survivors have a mother so dear. I love that.
    Thanks so much for the update. I hang on to each word posted. I especially understood and appreciated the part of the urgency for all women to be aware. You would never think in a million years that it could be you.
    I will be checking in on you...all. I know this takes every family members support.
    <3 jeanie

  6. Deb,
    There is nothing like the power of prayer to help during any situation. I am a friend of Becky's from high school and we reconnected since my family and I moved to Waterford. As a fellow Christian I have been praying for Becky's recovery from this and that HE guide her through this life changing passage. I also pray for you guys, the rest of her family as you all go through this with her.