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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday- peace and quiet and open air!!!!!

On the seventh day- the Lord says the reading from the Old Testament this morning.
         Today we have just sat in the warmth of the day and laughed and cried as we prepare for tomorrow.  This weekend Becky has been planning and preparing for her days away.  The house is in order, the bags are packed and lists are made.  Being the Momma, I feel as though Becky has experienced that surge one gets before giving birth.  I have some sadness today as I know Becky's life will be very different after tomorrow.  I know she will be "just fine" as many have said, I know she will be "cancer free" by tomorrow night, I know that our Lord is in complete control , I know, I know, I know........I just want her well and whole and healed.  So tomorrow is THE DAY, I am a nurse and I KNOW TOO MUCH but I will let it go.  I will not allow fear to distract me from    trusting in the the joy and the peace that my family will receive during this season of Becky's incredible life journey.  Good night and God bless.  Love, Deb

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  1. What emotional struggles for both you and Becky, Deb! Your strong faiths will get you both thru this, you will celebrate the day of your joyous birth at the same time as your wonderful daughter is reborn...a strong, new woman with the joy, knowledge/empathy of overcoming one of the toughest life's struggles one can deal with! You both have the LOVE, PRAYERS, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, SPIRITUAL HUGS OF SO MANY PEOPLE...continue to find strength in that...we come from a line of VERY strong women. Things WILL get better. My love, hugs, support- Sis/Aunt Lynne