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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the beginning..........

         It has been strongly encouraged by many for us to start a communication so we can keep you all updated on "our" journey with breast cancer.   This is my first attempt at blogging- not sure what that word really means- kind of sounds like I can talk all I want and no one can interrupt.  I like that!

         Becky is doing just fine.  This last month has turned out to be the blessing that our Lord meant for it to be. Let me recap the events leading up to today:
          On April 27th Becky and family left our home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida after having spent a wonderful week playing, basking in the sun on the beach and just relaxing in sunny Florida.
            April 28th she bought a pink bracelet at  work for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Later that night she decided to check herself and found a lump in her right breast.  She has had multiple testing- ultrasounds, mammogram, MRI- found 2 more masses, biopsy and metastatic workup.  Her diagnosis is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- Becky's receptor status is ER-positive, PR- positive and HER2- negative.  Because the testing shows no metastasis this cancer is considered "curable".
        Becky is choosing to have both breasts removed due to her age and the increased "contra lateral" risk - cancer traveling to other breast in her life time- is 35-40%.  She has also chosen the DIEP flap procedure which involves a 10 hour day in surgery.   The first part of her surgery will involve the bilateral mastectomy- with  skin sparing procedure (the upper third of her chest will not have scarring- all cutting will be done below the breasts and along the sides) followed by transferring of tissue and vessels from her abdomen to reconstruct new breasts that will develop their own blood supply- a tummy tuck is the " bright side".  On the evening of Monday June 20th Becky will be cancer free.
         We are very much aware of the struggles and pain she will have to endure.  This surgery will be followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 5 years of oral anti-estrogen treatment.   Her stand is strong and her faith unshakable.  She has declared she will win this battle and embraces all your prayers.


  1. Becky IS going to beat this. She is one of the strongest people I know. I truly will keep Becky and the family in my thoughts and prayers on Monday.

  2. Deb,

    Your first blog brought me to tears. Becky is an inspiration- her positive spirit and strength have been contagious for as long as I have known her- almost 17 years. She is surrounded by an amazing family who gives her unconditional love, support and has lifted her up always, as she has done with so many others. I will check in here frequently and will do all I can to support Becky in the months ahead.

    Love to you all and many prayers next week and for as long as they are needed. XOXO

    Marisa Espinosa

  3. I always remember the strength and the love that you and your family have always shared. It has been 21 years since I have lived in your area, but I will never forget you guys. I love Becky and her family, and I know she will get through all of this. I have never forgotten you down here in Georgia and I am thinking of you every day. I have loved Becky since the first time we met in seventh grade. Forever friends, Ali

  4. Thanks for a thorough explanation Deb, VERY well said, but most of all I (we) are sooo glad Becky made strong choices to be cancer free and has a wonderfully inspirational attitude to beat breast cancer! Go Becky, keep up the great work!!! You already know you are surrounded with endless love, support and prayers from near and far!!!