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Monday, September 12, 2011

Had a good weekend!

After chemo on last tuesday I expected a repeat of 3 weeks ago when I couldnt lift my head off the pillow for the week~ Thank you Lord that was not the case. I had the "best" post chemo weekend yet! I was able to watch Izzi play in her first season soccer game and even able to go to half a church service on Sunday. My energy came and went but over all soo much better then 2nd chemo! Tomorrow we head to Yale to have the tumor/mass removed from my armpit... Of course praying for the best, that it is cancer free. I still keep the same moto that God wouldnt give me more then I can handle so whatever this is Im sure I can handle it lol! Thank you in advance for the prayers as I head in tomorrow and I will keep everyone posted on what it is!

And thank you to my sweet Friend Dolores who came over and gave me a home Pedi which I needed so badly. My mom said no more salon Pedi until Im free from getting infections.....Taking a girls pedi away is never a good thing:) Thank you so much Dolores I know that being 7 months prego and giving your friend a pedi is not easy lol!!!

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  1. In my thoughts! How are you doing on hand warmers! I'll give Becky some scarves too!! God bless!