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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great News here!!!

My sister and I went up to Yale yesterday to get the great news that the tumor I found about 3 weeks ago was benign! Ahhhh what a great word! I had it removed a week before and waited and waited for the results. I knew in my heart that it really couldn't be cancer because after all I do go for Chemo....awful chemo!

I head back to chemo on Tuesday. Man I hate chemo and the way it makes me feel. I try really hard to keep myself postive but man I feel like this is starting to get the best of me. Im sick of having no hair. I'm tired of looking at the 15 scars that are between my chest and my lower belly and I'm really sick of having to go through chemo. Putting all that aside I keep on smiling and chugging through knowing that I'm halfway there.

I have decided on no radiation!!! Am I making the best choice......I think so but I'm a little nervous. I know that having the double masectomy decreased my chances of a reoccurance and I'm going for genetic testing to see if I have the gene for Ovarian cancer. If it is postive I'll be heading in for a hysterectomy. I'm really hoping that this is what is best for the long run.

Now for an entertaining story.....
My mom and I headed to the Yale ER last week. After every chemo, around day 10, I end up looking like I'm 8 months pregnant with the WORST pain. Finally, I ended up calling my doctor and he told me to head to the ER. I walked into the ER and it was a hot humid night. I had running pants on and a tight tanktop and yes I looked very pregnant! Lol! Not only did I get my normal looks of OMG that poor young mom has cancer.....I was getting the look of OMGGGGGG that poor lady is pregnant with cancer lol. Normally when my stomach is descended like that I will wear a shirt a little baggy so it's not as noticable, but I figured that place is always full of crazies so I'll fit in perfectly. They got me quickly into a private room and out of the way of that germy waiting room. I was waiting for the nurse to set me up with my WONDERFUL pain meds that take all this pain away. My mom and I could only laugg. The hall was lined with 3 beds. One was a man with a stab wound to his chest.... he was shackled to the bed with a guard standing by his side. The next bed had a man who must have gotton into an accident and was high on something. He was thrashing with a neck brace and he tried to go to the bathroom and escape all security was called! The next lady was an overdose who looked like she was trying to get the world to stop spinning. Every time a doctor would come in they would shut the door. I would quickly order my mom to open the door so I could see the drama in the ER. Man.... that place is entertainin! 12 hours and after many many laughs and great pain meds I was ready to go home. It was 2am and an intern came in and said she needed to do an ultrasound on my heart. I seem to have some fluid around it. My mother at this time was beyond tired and ready to jumped all over this girl because we already explained to her that we knew about the fluid and it was fine. Needless to say the intern doc still did the ultrasound and pushed so hard on my new breast tissue that she bruised it and a week later its still sore. What a night! That was funny to say the least and I hope this was the last time I have to visit that place. I do wish I had slipped my camera into my purse so I could show pics of all those crazy hall people!!!
Other then that things have been busy with the kids. We have high school football 6 days a week, flag football, soccer and baskeball and I'm enjoying spending time with the kids in their classrooms.

as always thank you all for your prayers they sure do pull me through!!!!!


  1. Yippee! Great news! I love the stories of the ER. Crazy people there, I tell ya!

  2. Soo happy to hear the news of benign tumor! I know how it feels to wait a week for results. Used to get confused as to which was bad-benign or malignant. Funny hospital story, Becky, humor lifts the spirit so! So, the pregnant bald cancer survivor was the rare normal patient that night...loving your stories/pics here and on fb! You are making strong decisions-keep up the great inspiational help others now relaying your journey as I imagine you also will be a special cheerleader for survivors in the future!!

  3. I hope you don't have to go through that terrible pain again Becky. SOunds like you were just filled with fluid, and needed to rid it with steroidsor so. Glad that your mom is right by your side Becky.. You areso ly to have such a loving family right by your side.You will be back to normal in no time!! Feel better soon!! Those ER's can be so full of fun can't they?There are wackos everywhere.

  4. Good to see you today lovely one. If another trip to the Yale ER is in order call me....I could use some good laughs - and I especially love laughing with you! You are doing an amazing job kicking this cancer the hell out of your body....I can't believe you are already half way through - THANK THE LORD. I love you Beck - xoxoxox